Community Action Africa (CAA) is a non-profit, non-governmental Organisation (NGO) located in East London, in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

CAA was established to support and guide young people in deprived and disadvantaged schools to develop into competent and confident individuals with ability to improve their academic grades and contribute effectively to all aspects of society.

CAA is a change agent dedicated to using relevant strategies as a tool to assist young people in deprived and disadvantaged schools improve educational achievements

CAA works towards a society where young people are empowered, supported and actively engaged to participate effectively in all aspects of society.

Our services and support help to impart various skills while at the same time building the confidence and self-esteem of young people in disadvantaged and deprived schools. The goal is to provide students with opportunities and support for personal and intellectual growth through speaking, listening, reading, tutoring, writing and presenting to prepare them achieve academic success and be able to participate effectively in all aspects of society. Our activities involve:

  • Training and encouraging young people to communicate their ideas through writing and to become effective writers.
  • Encouraging establishment of debate clubs in schools.
  • Organising inter-school debate competitions where learners get an opportunity to debate local and national issues that affect their lives.
  • Assistance with maths and Science tutoring.
  • Organising maths and science exhibitions.
  • Facilitate establishment of educational relationships among schools.
  • Encouraging and promoting of a reading culture.
  • Introducing role models and motivational speakers to Role models who give talks that address the motivational issues that can hold young people back. We believe that role models can add the missing elements of self-discipline, personal responsibility and enthusiasm for academic success.

Email info@communityactionafrica.co.za to find out more.