Career Guidance Event

This year’s annual High School career guidance event takes place on Tuesday October 24, 2017.

  • Theme

The theme of the event is: “Develop the possibilities”.

  • Purpose

The “Develop the possibilities” event has been initiated by CAA to assist young people in general career planning and to inform them about possible future opportunities. In particular, the event is used to help young people have required information on subject selections as well as information on support services available to them.

  • Expected attendees

The audience for the event are Grade nine (9) students from East London and surrounding areas.  We also expect a few community members.

  • Format

The event will be held at East London Museum Hall from 09.30am-12.00pm. Businesses, universities, colleges and government agencies will have the opportunity to have a representative provide information related to the event.

The following institutions have been invited to participate in our Develop the possibilities career guidance event:

Institutions of higher learning:

  • University of Fort Hare (UFH)
  • Walter Sisulu University (WSU)
  • Buffalo City College (BCC)

State department/agencies

  • Buffalo City Metro (BCMM)
  • Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture
  • National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)


  • First National Bank (FNB)

Private companies

  • Flat-Foot Engineering.

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