CAA runs support programmes for high school students to assist them improve their academic achievements. The support offered falls under two programme areas: Maths and Science support Programme and Literacy support programme.

  1. English Support Programme

1.1 Book Reading, Writing and Presentation Project

This project assists students improve their reading and writing skills. Reading books help students learn new things for example pronunciation, spelling and how words are used in various circumstances. This, in turn helps learners to expand their vocabulary. The best available evidence confirms that seeing how words are used in different contexts give learners a better understanding of the word usage. To develop deeper understanding of written texts and to keep them interested, discussions are held during sessions to stimulate learners’ thinking and reflection about their own experiences.

During project sessions, learners are encouraged to read, discuss and debate issues from books provided by CAA in a relaxed and fun environment. The books are easy to read and are carefully selected to stimulate interest in reading.

On the other hand, the project support students develop communication skills through writing. To ensure that students develop fundamental writing skills, we encourage them to engage in discussions on different writing styles to be to develop essential writing knowledge. To practice what they have learnt, learners are asked to write stories on a topic of their interest. Written stories are submitted to a professional Writer (Editor) for editing and guidance. The editor provides individualized feedback and comments to each writer.

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1.2. Debate and Public Speaking Skills Development Project

Since debates occur in a variety of settings in our daily lives including politics, courts of law, in parliament, business and in general social interactions, this project prepares students for the “real life” they will encounter after school.

These debates help students develop learn various skills such as: critical thinking, research, teamwork, leadership, presentation, organisation, public speaking and time management among others. Through this project, young people are given the opportunity and a platform to debate issues affecting their communities and the country at large.

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  1. Maths and Science Support Programme

2.1 Weekly Maths and Science classes.

Even if students work hard to improve in maths and science, they often need help to do better in these subjects. Unfortunately, majority of learners from disadvantaged communities do not have any one to ask for help. CAA offers weekly classes (Wednesdays) for Maths and Science from 15h00 to 16h00.

2.2 Maths and Science exhibitions.

This project is intended to stimulate interest for maths and science so that more students can pursue science related careers in their future. The project provides a platform to students to display their completed projects in maths and science.  There is an increasing recognition of the importance of “hands” on activities not simply because of its importance in grasping scientific and mathematical concepts, but also because of the opportunities to gain confidence in the ability to do maths and science.

The project also encourages creativity and supports schools to use whatever resources are available to them to prepare learners for science related careers.

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2.3 Career Guidance

Guiding and advising learners about career options is important not just for helping them map out life paths, but also to provide meaning for what they are learning.

We organize annual career guidance events where students are given an opportunity to interact with professionals from business, Institutions of higher learning and government agencies. Learners access latest information related to further studies, vocational training, career opportunities and the trends of the working world.

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